Cyanne van den Houten is a designer and media-artist based in Utrecht.
She graduated from the Design Department at Sandberg Instituut in 2017, as a founder of Telemagic.

Acting as an open media-lab, art-meets-tech collective Telemagic creates manifestations, art interventions,
and tools that focus on a closer human connection towards tech developments.
Like worlds first ever Paranormal Technology Fair, the rebuild funfair machines predicting your
digital fortune and concerts led by the (by Telemagic developed) selflearning algorithm vNine.
Telemagic makes sense of technological mysteries revolving around the digital
extensions and intentions of mankind, often in collaboration with other artists and makers.

Collaboration and amplifying a diverse range of activist voices is key to Cyanne her energetic practice.
In diverse formations, she curates and frames programs and artistic interventions; like for EMP.FM (a local
pirate-radio station with a range of 300 meters), Telemagic (like the 1 Euro Cinema and TeleState) and
De Internet Gids (as image-editor).

Parallel to Telemagic, Cyanne is mainly active as digital agency Tripcode where she
specializes in art direction, video, web and visual communication.
Her main interest lies in: tangible media, immersive storytelling and how humans emote through machines.
This mentality mirrors itself in; the interactive fashionshow + garnments for NIEUW JURK,
a game-experience about content moderators, tech-savy images for Vice, a temporary future gym with
hyped fitness equipment during ZEST and more.

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