︎2015 – 2017, MA of Design in Fine Arts, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (Think Tank of Visual Strategies)
2011 – 2015, BA of Graphic Design, University of the Arts Utrecht


2018 - now, Owner of Tripcode Studio
︎ 2016, april - now, Founder of TELEMAGIC
2014, april -  now, Part of Design Displacement Group
2014 - 2018, EMP.FM, Pirate Radio station


︎ 2019 - 2020, Telemagic, Talentontwikkeling Stimuleringsfonds

2017 – 2018, Masterclass Sandberg@Mediapark

2018, february - now, Image Editor De Internet Gids
︎2018, may - december Telemagic: Algo-Rythmics research trajectory SIDN Fonds pioneer Responsible AI
2016, february, Stipendium OpenSet Seoul Sessions
2014, july – january, Part of The Rodina

2014, april – june, Internship The Rodina, Den Haag (in temporary collective with Roosje Klap, Amsterdam)


2020, feb Telemagic: Quantum Supremacy symposium, TEC ART WORM Rotterdam
2019, oct MediaNight, Beeld & Geluid
2019, may Telemagic: Here Comes The Summer, Possible Futures
2019, february Sandberg@Mediapark
2018, may Sandberg@Mediapark: The Sineater, Beeld & Geluid
2018, january Seminar Professional Skills introduction, University of the Arts Utrecht
2018, january Brekend!Beeld, Kapitaal 
2017, november Telemagic: PechaKucha Tilburg
2017, november Telemagic: V2: Function_Creep, Magic Mirror
2017, october Dutch Design Week Talks: “Graphic Design out-dated or not” invited by Hansje van Halem, Klokgebouw Eindhoven
2017, october Nederlands Film Festival: Tussen Kunst en Glitch, TeleFortuneSpinner, De Neude Utrecht
2017, september Telemagic: The Hmm Pechakucha with Roos Groothuizen, De Roze Tanker
2017, january, Workshop: B4K a Month with Loes Claessens, University of the Arts Utrecht
2016, april Guest-lecture, HKU Utrecht
2016, february, OpenSet Seoul Sessions talk, Kookmin University
2015, september, Zefir7: Nieuwe Lichting, ZEST, Stroom Den Haag
2014, june, Kapitaal: Walls&Words with Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Kapitaal Utrecht

2014, may, Workshop Bauhaus-Universität with the Rodina, Weimar
2014, june, Workshop + Noviki studio with the Rodina, Warschau
2014, june, Lecture with the Rodina, Warschau
2014, june, Workshop Manifesto Roosje Klap + Mind Design, Brno
2014, june, Workshops Medium Education with the Rodina, Brno


VolksHotel, WORM, De School, V2_


2020, february Concert in A.I. @ TEC ART Festival
2020, january 1  MOP Cinema, Vondel CS
2019, september Wheel of TeleFortune, SCREEN IT Stadstriënnale Hasselt Genk
2019, september Concert in A.I., Graphic Matters
︎ 2019, september TelePythia, Into the Great Wide Open
2019, augustus Concert in A.I., Pukkelpop
︎2019, july 1 MOP Cinema, Macau Design Center, Macao China
2019, june Wheel of TeleFortune, Planet B De Waag
2019, may Possible Futures praatprogramma, Here Comes the Summer
︎ 2019, april Concert in A.I. The Promethean Promise, Frascati Theater
2019, april - june The Haiku Generator,  Digitaal Dilemma, Bureau Europa
2019, april - may The Oracle, Kabbalah-maand Kriterion 
2018, november Wheel of TeleFortune, The Overkill Festival
2018, november 1 Euro Cinema Selects, Museumnacht, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2018, november BYO Magic Mirror, e-Culturele Zondag, Kapitaal
2018, october - november RSS Readings, The New Newsroom, MU Eindhoven (DDW 2018)
2018, july 1 Euro Cinema Selects, Wildeburg Festival
︎ 2018, may Televape, Lentekabinet Festival
2018, april - may The Haiku Generator, The Small Museum, Paradiso
2018, april Interventions during Symposium Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Paradiso
2018, february Nacht voor de Nacht, Doka Amsterdam
2018, february 1 Euro Cinema, Not for Profit Art Party @ Roodkapje
2017, november V2 TestLab: Function_Creep
2017, november Total Eclipse, Waag Society, Museumn8
2017, october 1 Euro Cinema + Residency, WORM Rotterdam
︎2017, september TeleState, De School Amsterdam
2017, june The Oracle, Shelter Amsterdam, Sandberg Graduation
︎ 2017, april Midnight TeleShopping, Residency + Nightfestival, WORM Rotterdam

2016, june Magic Mirror Weekender, VolksHotel Amsterdam


2020, may EMP.PLANETE, online radio station
2018, july EMP.FM x AV Club, Wildeburg Festival
2018, may EMP.FM x EuroArt, Utrecht

2017, december EMP.FM x Dappie: opening Lennart de Neef, Amsterdam

2017, june Plantasia 3: Amine Hocine, De Ruimte Amsterdam

2017, may Plantasia 2: Sarsaria, De Ruimte Amsterdam

2017, april Plantasia 1: Henge, De Ruimte Amsterdam

2017, april Motel Mozaique, Susan Bijl Rotterdam

2017, january Bijlmerbajes, Amsterdam

2016, october EMP.HORSE, Pirateradio, Amsterdam
2016, may EMP.FM x Tractie-dag
2016, may EMP.FM x Goede Vrijdag, Ekko

2016, january EMP.FM x Chinatown Residents, Vriend van Bavink

2015, december Derde Kerstdag, Spinhuis Amsterdam

2015, oktober Goede Vrijdag, Goede Vrijdag Utrecht
2015 - now every 6 may EMP.FM x Belle-dag

Design (Personal highlights)


︎ TelePythia, Into the Great Wide Open

FC Renate
︎ GAME: 
The Sineater demo, Sandberg@Mediapark Masterclass

VIDEO:  1 MB = 10 GR, Policy of Disappereance BWA Wrocław Poland



GAME: RSI Tilt, Friends Only, Vriend van Bavink
ACTIVIST GRAPHICS: Farwell to Fossil, Rotterdam Klimaat Initiatief + Spouwfonds, Stadmakerscongres Schouwburg
︎INTERACTIVE FASHIONSHOW: Nieuwjurk City, Pakhuis de Zwijger

ART INSTALLATION: Vincent op Vrijdag x ZEST, Vincent van Gogh Museum
︎ EXHIBITION DESIGN: Domestic Affairs (Design Displacement Group), Qatar, Shenzhen, Kolln

ARTWORK: Frascati issues: The End of Privacy
INVITATION: Lost & Found 
︎ LIVE NEWSROOM: Rise & Shine, Shenzhen

DIGITAL ARTPIECE: Blottercubes Exhibition, online
PRINT: Backsides Exhibition, London

PRINT: Fictions Typografika (with Design Displacement Group), Ecole superieure d’art Cambrai
PRINT: Just Players (with The Rodina), Graphic Design Festival Glasgow
PRINT: Progressive Nostalgia, Soiree Graphique (with The Rodina), Switzerland
ZEST No. 1, Amsterdam Roest
PERFORMANCE: Walls and Words, Kapitaal
ART INSTALLATION: Blueprint Generator, Blueprint/Blauwdruk, Kunsthal KAdE


2019, augustus De Standaard; Meeklappen met het algoritme
2019, augustus Studio Brussel: Art United op Pukkelpop Concert in A.I.
2019, april Vice: Een algoritme gaf voor het eerst een live-concert in Amsterdam
2019, april DUDE Magazine: Hansje van Halem, BNO
2018, june BLOK Magazine: Strategie niewidzialności

2018, may Glamcult: Telemagic
2018, april The Hmm

2018, february deFusie: het Beeld

2018, february Telemagic, Nacht voor de Nacht 2014, november It’s Nice That: Featured projects with The Rodina
2014, june It’s Nice That: DDG
2014, Brankopopovic: Nieuw Jurk x Taiwan


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Tripcode is the hybrid practice of Cyanne van den Houten, designer and visual artist working in the fields of [communication] design and tech-art since 2016. Cyanne is founder of art-meets-tech collective TELEMAGIC, caring for digital rights and uncovering mysteries around the digital.