2017 – 2018, Masterclass Sandberg@Mediapark
2015 – 2017, MA of Design in Fine Arts, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (Think Tank of Visual Strategies)
2011 – 2015, BA of Graphic Design, University of the Arts Utrecht

2014, january LUSTLAB New Media seminar, Den Haag


2018 - now, Owner of Tripcode Studio
2016, april - now, Founder of TELEMAGIC
2014, april, Part of Design Displacement Group
2014 - now, EMP.FM, Pirate Radio station
2014, september - 2015, HyperSensitive


2018, february - now, De Internet Gids

2018, april, Guest Image Editor, The HMM


2019 - 2020, Telemagic, Talentontwikkeling Stimuleringsfonds
2019, january - april Telemagic: Concert in A.I. production trajectory AFK Muziektheater
2018, may - december Telemagic: Algo-Rythmics research trajectory SIDN Fonds pioneer Responsible AI
2017, january, Workshop: B4K a Month with Loes Claessens, University of the Arts Utrecht

2016, february, Stipendium OpenSet Seoul Sessions 2014, july – january, Part of The Rodina
2014, april – june, Internship The Rodina, Den Haag (in temporary collective with Roosje Klap, Amsterdam)
2014, may, Workshop Bauhaus-Universität with the Rodina, Weimar
2014, june, Workshop + Noviki studio with the Rodina, Warschau
2014, june, Lecture with the Rodina, Warschau
2014, june, Workshop Manifesto Roosje Klap + Mind Design, Brno
2014, june, Workshops Medium Education with the Rodina, Brno


2019, may Telemagic: Here Comes The Summer, Possible Futures
2019, february Sandberg@Mediapark
2018, may Sandberg@Mediapark: The Sineater, Beeld & Geluid Hilversum
2018, january Seminar Professional Skills introduction, University of the Arts Utrecht
2018, january Brekend!Beeld, Kapitaal 
2017, november Telemagic: PechaKucha Tilburg
2017, november Telemagic: V2: Function_Creep, Magic Mirror
2017, october Dutch Design Week Talks: “Graphic Design out-dated or not” invited by Hansje van Halem, Klokgebouw Eindhoven
2017, october Nederlands Film Festival: Tussen Kunst en Glitch, TeleFortuneSpinner, De Neude Utrecht
2017, september Telemagic: The Hmm Pechakucha with Roos Groothuizen, De Roze Tanker
2016, april Guest-lecture, HKU Utrecht
2016, february, OpenSet Seoul Sessions talk, Kookmin University
2015, september, Zefir7: Nieuwe Lichting, ZEST, Stroom Den Haag
2014, june, Kapitaal: Walls&Words with Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Kapitaal Utrecht


VolksHotel, WORM, De School, V2_


2019, april DUDE Magazine: Hansje van Halem, BNO
2018, june BLOK Magazine: Strategie niewidzialności

2018, may Glamcult: Telemagic
2018, april The Hmm

2018, february deFusie: het Beeld 

2018, february Telemagic, Nacht voor de Nacht 2014, november It’s Nice That: Featured projects with The Rodina
2014, june It’s Nice That: DDG
2014, Brankopopovic: Nieuw Jurk x Taiwan


2019, september Concert in A.I., Graphic Matters
2019, september Wheel of TeleFortune, SCREEN IT Stadstriënnale Hasselt Genk
2019, september TelePythia, Into the Great Wide Open
2019, augustus Concert in A.I., Pukkelpop
2019, july 1 MOP Cinema, Macau Design Center - Amsterdam
2019, june Wheel of TeleFortune, Planet B De Waag
2019, may Possible Futures praatprogramma, Here Comes the Summer
2019, april Concert in A.I. The Promethean Promise, Frascati Theater
2019, april - june The Haiku Generator,  Digitaal Dilemma, Bureau Europa
2019, april - may The Oracle, Kabbalah-maand Kriterion 
2018, november Wheel of TeleFortune, The Overkill Festival
2018, november 1 Euro Cinema Selects, Museumnacht, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2018, november BYO Magic Mirror, e-Culturele Zondag, Kapitaal
2018, october - november RSS Readings, The New Newsroom, MU Eindhoven (DDW 2018)
2018, july 1 Euro Cinema Selects, Wildeburg Festival
2018, may Televape, Lentekabinet Festival
2018, april - may The Haiku Generator, The Small Museum, Paradiso
2018, april Interventions during Symposium Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Paradiso
2018, february Nacht voor de Nacht, Doka Amsterdam
2018, february 1 Euro Cinema, Not for Profit Art Party @ Roodkapje
2017, november V2 TestLab: Function_Creep
2017, november Total Eclipse, Waag Society, Museumn8
2017, october TeleFortuneSpinner,Watjadel x Mantis
2017, october 1 Euro Cinema + Residency, WORM Rotterdam
2017, september TeleState, De School Amsterdam
2017, june The Oracle, Shelter Amsterdam, Sandberg Graduation
2017, april Midnight TeleShopping, Residency + Nightfestival, WORM Rotterdam

2016, june Magic Mirror Weekender, VolksHotel Amsterdam


2018, july EMP.FM x AV Club, Wildeburg Festival
2018, may EMP.FM x EuroArt, Utrecht

2017, december EMP.FM x Dappie: opening Lennart de Neef, Amsterdam

2017, june Plantasia 3: Amine Hocine, De Ruimte Amsterdam

2017, may Plantasia 2: Sarsaria, De Ruimte Amsterdam

2017, april Plantasia 1: Henge, De Ruimte Amsterdam

2017, april Motel Mozaique, Susan Bijl Rotterdam

2017, january Bijlmerbajes, Amsterdam

2016, october EMP.HORSE, Pirateradio, Amsterdam
2016, may EMP.FM x Tractie-dag
2016, may EMP.FM x Goede Vrijdag, Ekko

2016, january EMP.FM x Chinatown Residents, Vriend van Bavink

2015, december Derde Kerstdag, Spinhuis Amsterdam

2015, oktober Goede Vrijdag, Goede Vrijdag Utrecht
2015 - now every 6 may EMP.FM x Belle-dag


2019, january Here/Now website online
2018, december FC Renate, Paradiso Amsterdam
2018, july FC Renate identity, Milkshake Festival the Official Afterparty
2018, may The Sineater presentation demo, Sandberg@Mediapark Masterclass, Beeld & Geluid Hilversum

2018, february 1 MB = 10 GR, Policy of Disappereance / I, BWA Wrocław Poland

2017, november The Girls are Back in Town, Kapitaal Utrecht

2017, october Video-loops, ADE x Into The Woods Festival

2017, september Support Installation48 Hackaton, BYOB

2017, may 90’s productions, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
2017, april Illustrations, Missy Magazine Berlin
2017, march Belly Builder, Wheelie Parade Banierstraat
2017, march The One Minutes, Het Nieuwe Instituut
2017, february The One Minutes: Hineini, Bonnefantenmuseum, Filmfestival Reykjavik, De School, East China Normal University
2016, november-december Friends Only (ArtFAQ + RSI TILT), Vriend van Bavink
2016, november Stadmakerscongres,  VersBeton
2016, november RKI + Spouwfonds presentation,  Stadmakerscongres Schouwburg
2016, november Farewell to Fossil visuals, Stadmakerscongres Schouwburg
2016, november DEPTO + Spouwfonds, Club Imagine, Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2016, november The One Minutes Sandberg Series, video: Internet_by_Proxy icw Roos Groothuizen, Reykjavik International Film Festival World at a Crossroads, Listasafn Íslands in Reykjavík.
2016, september The Garden poster icw Isa van Weert, Sugarfactory
2016, july Nieuwjurk Interactive Fashionshow, Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam
2016, june The One Minutes Sandberg Series, Burgerweeshuis, Bonnefantenmuseum, Dortmund U, East China Normal University Shanghai, Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam, De Fundatie Zwolle, Museum Hilversum, WOW Amsterdam
2016, june Sandberg Design Department launches the Issue, Looiersgracht
2016, june Here We Show Identity, Fashion Graduation Show Utrecht
2016, may ZEST, Vincent van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
2016, may FOUNT Magazine, Dortmund & Berlin
2016, march Domestic Affairs Identity (Design Displacement Group), Qatar
2016, february OpenSet Dutch Design Seoul Sessions, Seoul Korea

2016, january Frascati issues: The End of Privacy, Frascati
2016, january Chinatown Residents Identity, Vriend van Bavink 
2015, december Lost & Found invitation + video’s, De Waag
2015, december Domestic Affairs Identity (Design Displacement Group), Shenzhen
2015, december Rise & Shine Performance + Identity !Live Newsroom in China! (Design Displacement Group), Shenzhen

2015, oktober Blottercubes Exhibition, online
2015, september Backsides Exhibition, London
2015, july Hypersensitive collage, Missy Magazine
2015, july SRC Digital paintings, Shop Volta
2015, june ZEST Look Forward, Hoogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht
2015, may Fictions Typografika (with Design Displacement Group), Ecole superieure d’art Cambrai
2015, may Fashion in the Suburbs exhibition, UVA 
2015, march ZEST Motel @ VolksHotel
2015, february The Bomber Foundation, DIV
2015, february ZEST on the Block - Intro party, VolksHotel
2015, january Domestic Affairs Identity (with Design Displacement Group), Kolln
2015, january Happy 2034 (with Design Displacement Group), Stedelijk Museum Shop
2014, december Ficciones Typografika, Erik Brandt (with Design Displacement Group)
2014, december Just Players, Dial M for Media, Academiegalerie
2014, november Just Players (with The Rodina), Graphic Design Festival Glasgow
2014, september NIEUWJURK <3 TAIWAN, Online
2014, september Progressive Nostalgia, Soiree Graphique (with The Rodina), Switzerland
2014, august Just Players (with The Rodina), Graphic Design Festival, Scotland
2014, july ZEST No. 1, Amsterdam Roest
2014, june-july Walls and Words, Kapitaal
2014, may-june-july Coffee company, Vismarkt Utrecht (with Willem Stapel + Tim Straver)
2014, march Cinedans Festival, EYE
2014, february-march Blueprint/Blauwdruk, Kunsthal KAdE
2013, september-oktober Filmtheater Kriterion
2013, march Nordic Delight Festival


2019, february De grote Macaulay Culkin avond, Cinetol
2018, july Publication Studio website launch, V2_
2018, june Purno Clubmix 2018, Melkweg
2018, february Nacht voor de Nacht, Doka
2016, november DEPTO, Club Imagine, Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2016, october ADE VJ, Club 8 Amsterdam
2016, october BYOB with Mary Ponemoreva, Utrecht
2015, march Hyper Extension De Hausse, ZEST Look Forward
2015, march Hyper Extension 45 min Work-out with Club Gewalt
2015, february ZEST VJ team, Look out Below, Canvas op de 7de
2014, november ZEST radio + performances, Opendag HKU
2014, july The BLOB with The Living Void, ZEST, Amsterdam Roest
2014, july 100MB DINER, ZEST, Amsterdam Roest
2014, july The BLOB with The Living Void, Haunted Science, OT301 Amsterdam
2014, june 1MB = 10GR, Temporary Foodbank, 14 days part of Walls and Words WHAT WILL COME/BECOME, Kapitaal, Utrecht
2014, june,
2014, may The BLOB with The Living Void, Haunted Science with, OCCII Amsterdam
2014, february Live visuals with Joel Gibbs, Elias Mazian, Club Funk
2014, january Live visuals HUB, Konnekt – Sandrien, Club Funk
2013, december Live visuals with Joel Gibbs, Podium de Kelder, Amersfoort
2013, oktober Live visuals with Joel Gibbs, Podium de Kelder, Amersfoort
2012, september Live, Into the Woods festival, Amersfoort

ZEST was a collaboration between Boris Acket, Adam Osman, Willem Stapel, Tim Straver, Paul Boelens, Ymer Marinus and Cyanne van den Houten. 


2018, may Zwillingspaar, Wildeburg Festival
2018, may Zwillingspaar, EuroArt
2017, december Zwillingspaar, Dappie

2017, september Zwillingspaar, Stranded.Fm
2017, july Zwillingspaar, Qoti, WORM
2017, june Zwillingspaar, Plantasia #3 #2 #1
2017, april Zwillingspaar, Midnight TeleShopping, WORM
2016, june 4K DJ Set, Sandberg Graduation Show, OCCII

2016, may Zwillingspaar EMP.HORSE, Online Radio

2016, may Zwillingspaar, Tractie-dag
2016, march Mentaxis DJ Set, HOOP Den Haag
2016, march Zwillingspaar, EKKO
2016, february OpenSaturdaynight, Seoul Korea
2016, february Zwillingspaar EMP.HORSE, Online Radio
2016, january Zwillingspaar, Chinatown Residents, Vriend van Bavink

2015, december Zwillingspaar, Spinhuis Amsterdam
2015, oktober Hypersensitive/Technopagan DJ set, Goede Vrijdag

2015, january Hypersensitive, Club Lux Utrecht

Zwillingspaar is in collaboration with Isa van Weert + Hypersensitive is in collaboration with Willem Stapel.

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