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12 oct - 11 nov: RSS Readings by Telemagic, The New Newsroom, MU Artspace (also during Dutch Design Week) Eindhoven

3 nov: 1 Euro Cinema Selects by Telemagic, Museumn8, Auditorium Stedelijk Museum

4 nov: Bring Your Own Magic Mirror by Telemagic + H&D, e-culturele zondag, Kapitaal Utrecht

23 - 25 nov: Wheel of TeleFortune by Telemagic, The Overkill Festival  

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In this exhibition, we try to understand the above conditions and their impact through the lens of the interior. We blur our homes on digital 'street views', build Faraday cages around beds, at the same time we let strangers stay in our homes and share pictures of what we eat online; earning a penny for each click.

Our home is no longer just a place to live; it's a means of sustenance, a place where we participate in or disturb political systems, and also a place where we are part of the global economy. DOMESTIC AFFAIRS explores the house as an interface to our social, economic, and political lives.

Domestic Affairs is a triptych, which started in Köln during Passagen, the continued as Dutch Pavillion at the Bi-city Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in Shenzhen and Hongkong, and will have its' finissage in Doha, Qatar in spring 2016.

Curated by The Institute for Relevant Studies
(Agata Jaworska and Giovanni Innella)

Design with Design Displacement Group ⑇

commissioned by
Bureau Europa &

Fund for Creative


Shenzhen, UABB Biennal

Doha, Qatar

Kunsthaus Rhenania,

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