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12 oct - 11 nov: RSS Readings by Telemagic, The New Newsroom, MU Artspace (also during Dutch Design Week) Eindhoven

3 nov: 1 Euro Cinema Selects by Telemagic, Museumn8, Auditorium Stedelijk Museum

4 nov: Bring Your Own Magic Mirror by Telemagic + H&D, e-culturele zondag, Kapitaal Utrecht

23 - 25 nov: Wheel of TeleFortune by Telemagic, The Overkill Festival  

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Local Pirate Radio Station
In collaboration with Isa van Weert + Ymer Marinus

We occupy smallest places possible to give stage to people with biggest or smallest talent, on a extreme small range of 300 meters and no possible way to fail.

Performance, theatre, live music, DJ’s, storytelling, poetry on the ether and online.
So far EMP.FM created a platform for/with 40+ artists on 8 places.

Previous editions @ Wildeburg Festival, EuroArt, Spinhuis Amsterdam, Bijlmer Bajes, EKKO and Goede Vrijdag.
Remember Amina Hocine, Henge or Sarsaria? EMP.FM x Plantasia @ De Ruimte

On/off-line Sessions

Mark icw Bernardus Baldus 87.7fm Spinhuis
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