☰ Immaterialicious @ Pakhuis de Zwijger, 2016 ☰

For the first time, Dutch Fashion labels showcase their vision on digital fashion on the catwalk.
In an interdisciplinary collaboration with digital creatives,
the digital representation of their labels will be shown as the result of the by
Nuages Gris facilitated Masterclass and sensory garments. 

Immaterialicious is a platform and research project that explores issues revolving around
identity and fashion in the post-digital era.
The platform researches the transcendence of how our identities are merging with the internet,
and how the internet is overtaking fashion itself.
Fashion is the display of our identity, derived from the dichotomy between the online and
offline dimension of everyday life and how the singularity of fashion is must make its way into the digital realm.

In collaboration with Paul Boelens + Esther Meijer
Model: Isa Yasmijn
With big thanks to: STEIM and Nuages Gris.


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