Roodkapje opens TO-GO shop

After the succes of Roodkapje's Culturele Supermarkt, Roodkapje opens the TO-GO shop.
Selling art and products from the Hamburger Community of Arts
residents as well as artists that have collaborated with Roodkapje in the past.

Gill Baldwin: There Is Something I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You

• AUDIO TOUR | HCA2020: Gill Baldwin •
17 October - 14 November
Guided tours on 17 October, 31 October, 14 November 
Tickets: € 4,- (including a free drink at Burgertrut)

Gill Baldwin of the Hamburger Community of Art is inviting you for I’ve been meaning to ask you something… pt.2: an alternative audio tour through the city center of Rotterdam.
The audio tour was brought together interlinking a series of interviews with architects, designers, and AI researchers about the increase of surveillance in their (and our) daily lives.
Comprised during the summer months as the pandemic, track and trace paranoia, and protests ran throughout the world, the audio tour takes you along architectural highlights along the way,
giving an intimate and personal look into place and structures you think you know, and allows you to reconsider your everyday surroundings as active sites of surveillance.

the 1€ Cinema X JUJULOVE At Roodkapje X Burgertrut!

The 1 Euro Cinema is a small travelling cinematic oracle that will show you a film in exchange for €1. This machine decides what you will watch…
and you’ll either get a bang for your buck with a short documentary or have to quickly enjoy a 1-minute video clip.
In the start of 2020, as part of PLOKTA festival, Telemagic and video-artist and designer Juliette Lizotte hosted an open call to expand the film-collection with work from experimental tool makers, deep dreamers and cyber magicians… These new films are made with self made tools, questioning the agency of the maker and questioning video making. A collective audiovisual exploration of the close relationship between music, moving image and technology.

A selection of newly featured artists:

Adam Centko ✹ Kaya Erdinç ✹ Jonas Ersland ✹ Karin Ferrari + Bernhard Gustav + Peter Moosgaard ✹ Lisa Di Giovanni ✹ Leonie Gores
✹ Benjamin Hall ✹ Susanne Janssen ✹ Nina Kersaan ✹ Noviki Std. ✹ Carmen Roca ✹ Meggie van Zwieten

Exhibition Dates: 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 October, 17:00 - 21:00

Exhibition : A Firefly Sits on an Electric Fence Reflecting on Light

• EXHIBITION | A Firefly Sits on an Electric Fence Reflecting on Light by Danielle Hoogendoorn & Jonathan van Doornum •
Curated by Rawad Baaklini & Tiiu Meiner
30 October - 21 November
Open Tue - Thu: 17:00 - 21:00 | Fri - Sat: 14:00 - 21:00
Free Entrance

[A group of remarkable characters gather amongst peculiar contortions as the worlds of Jonathan van Doornum and Danielle Hoogendorn collide.]

[An extraordinary trilogy is woven through three rooms as Hoogendoorn’s animals and van Doornum’s sharp compositions invite the audience to part-take in a contemporary allegory. Depicted through animal portraits, dramatic quilts and ceramic farm animal heads, Hoogendoorn captures striking sceneries of fable-like creatures alluding to a greater plot. These playful scenes are juxtaposed with the polished poetics of van Doornum’s installations. Metal and nature harmonise to reveal relatable myths that occur as mere consequences of existing. His antennas catch the essence of the future, past and present, and present them to us as plots to absorb.]

Both artists suggest a much needed disruption in our linear lives, as they call to a reckoning the need to break out. Hoogendoorn’s work reminds us to ask what are the morals of our individual stories, while van Doornum frames a mythical tale that depicts us and escapes us until the end of time.

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