Magic Mirror version 1 on show @ VolksHotel AmsterdamMagic Mirror version 2 on show @ WORM Rotterdam icw Undressoir - Loui Meeuwissen
Magic Mirror version 3 on show @ Shelter Amsterdam 
Magic Mirror version 4 during V2_ TestLab: Function Creep Rotterdam
Magic Mirror version 5: Bring your own Magic Mirror icw Hackers & Designers
@ Low Tech Low Lifes, eculturele zondag Kapitaal Utrecht

Work by Telemagic icw Roos Groothuizen + Ymer Marinus

︎2017, 2018, 2019︎

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Tripcode is the hybrid practice of Cyanne van den Houten, designer and visual artist working in the fields of [communication] design and tech-art since 2016. Cyanne is founder of art-meets-tech collective TELEMAGIC, caring for digital rights and uncovering mysteries around the digital.