The Wheel of TeleFortune will provide you with a uniquely generated
digi-horoscope after inserting 50 cents.

This Wheel delivers prophecies that makes
sense of the mystic coded
data-streams that escape us, and
converts this into new poetic alternative
harmonies and fitting advice.

Using its mystic powers it senses your
presence and sends advice that aims to enhance human
capacity in a virtual world.

This Guru predicts your future behavior,
with a like-minded strategy as big tech companies do.
Whereas in surveillance capitalism data is the new gold,
and predicting the future has become a
rational strategy of data-analysis to
improve sells.

With the use of free services/software users no longer
pay and see a direct consequence/price-tag of this,
but pay with the loss of ownership of crumbles of data
and turn out to be no longer end-in with themselves in.

Telemagic uses the algorithm to put the
user back in place with itself again by
the use of a simple transaction of 50 cents.

Work by Telemagic icw Roos Groothuizen + Ymer Marinus


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