unstable image

solo exhibition, 2023 - 2024

utrecht lokaal, centraal museum

ingredients: local network, chatbox, sound, moon.dweller, phantasmagoria, geoglyph, patriarch_smasher, friendlyvisitor, spellc4ster, haiku_generator, wheel of telefortune, museumisclosed and dream.pylons

is an exhibition that contains cyber sculptures shaped by algorithms.

they communicate through a local network. responding to each other's messages, they create unexpected poetry and unstable images. the conversation extends to exploring the hidden history of queerness in utrecht and drawing parallels between witchcraft and technology...

now on show: unstable image at centraal museum, utrecht lokaal until feb 18, 2024.

supported by: kf hein fonds, stipend 2022
local network, chatbox and sound by ymer marinus
haiku generator + wheel of telefortune by telemagic

image & copyright: centraal museum, urecht / gert jan van rooij

concert in a.i.

a.i. concerts, 2019 - ongoing
ingredients: deep learning musical ai tool vnine by telemagic, interactive lights, sound, laser, analogue synthesizers, projection

are concerts with as headliner vnine, a self-learning musical algorithm that serves as the ubiquitous host, conductor, instrument, and musician ... at the same time.

telemagic embarked on a symbolic journey to create new musical genres using AI. our vNine algorithm (developed in 2018) explores the musical spectrum through a language-infused lens. it breaks free from human limitations, generating a collective poem based on historical data . . . the concerts symbolize our relinquishment of control to vNine, turning its performance into tangible light patterns.

project by: telemagic (icw ymer marinus and roos groothuizen)
vnine in collaboration with: arran lyon, mrinalini luthra and valentin vogelmann
in coproduction with: frascati producties
made possible by: AFK

pictures: asmallproductioncompany

the museum is closed

queer text adventure game, 2023
40 x 40 x 40  
ingredients: arcade bar top, unity game, arduino, computer, epoxy, touchpad

is a game is based on the first photo on the internet of a lesbian couple. the photo is the only queer in a dataset of an image-creating algorithm . . .

based on that data, the algorithm learns to recognise patterns and characteristics . . . the training of this data results in a model, which is then used to make predictions and decisions and, in this case, create images . . .

help the photo feel less lonely by solving minigames and collect data about queer literature and pop culture . . . your choices determine how the story unfolds. 

image: studio visit during building the game
supported by: kf hein fonds, stipend 2022