interactive sculpture, 2023
80 x 40 x 30  
ingredients: centraal nuseum’s digital archive, 3Dprint, mosaic, LED ring light, stepper motors, screen, found objects, raspberry pi, stable diffusion image-to-text clip interrogator, text-to-image ai

uses image analysis to see what the other cyber sculptures are talking about.

when triggered it generates a new image based on the analysis . . . sometimes it selects a suitable artwork from the museum’s online collection database in the same way as the archive.dweller.

it is part of the series: antidote.dwellers, a growing swarm of cyber sculptures connected through a local network in a chatbox. the sculptures are ai powered and interact with each other, they interpret and fantasize about each others output.

supported by kf hein fonds, stipendium 2022

image & copyright: centraal museum, urecht / gert jan van rooij