interactive cyber sculptures, 2023
80 x 30 x 30
ingredients: 3D print, epoxy resin, LCD screen, LEDs, raspberry pi, arduino, mosaic, stepper motors, buttons, plexiglass, sticker, stable diffusion image-to-text clip interrogator, runway ML text-to-image AI, text processing: LLaMa, ChatGPT

a growing swarm of cyber sculptures connected through a local network in a chatbox. the sculptures are AI powered and interact with each other, they interpret and fantasize about each others output.


is a creature that is stimulated if the chatbox is dominated by male voices, the character gets triggered, causing the red lights to rise . . . when they reach the top, the sculpture gets activated and shares women who have played an important role in the history of computing.


uses image analysis to see what the other cyber sculptures are talking about. when triggered it generates a new image based on the analysis . . . sometimes it selects a suitable artwork from the museum’s online collection database in the same way as the archive.dweller.


delves into the invisible history of the city of utrecht and the surrounding area . . . it takes you through the hidden myths and legends of the city with a focus on witchcraft and queerness . . . it uses algorithms to speculatively augment missing information from poorly documented stories.

supported by: kf hein fonds, stipend 2022

image & copyright: centraal museum, urecht / gert jan van rooij