concert in a.i.

a.i. concerts, 2019 - ongoing
ingredients: deep learning musical ai tool vnine by telemagic, interactive lights, sound, laser, analogue synthesizers, projection

are concerts with as headliner vnine, a self-learning musical algorithm that serves as the ubiquitous host, conductor, instrument, and musician ... at the same time.

telemagic embarked on a symbolic journey to create new musical genres using AI. our vNine algorithm (developed in 2018) explores the musical spectrum through a language-infused lens. it breaks free from human limitations, generating a collective poem based on historical data . . . the concerts symbolize our relinquishment of control to vNine, turning its performance into tangible light patterns.

project by: telemagic (icw ymer marinus and roos groothuizen)
vnine in collaboration with: arran lyon, mrinalini luthra and valentin vogelmann
in coproduction with: frascati producties
made possible by: AFK

pictures: asmallproductioncompany